Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting started with node.js on Windows

Here are a few quick steps to set up a node.js development environment on Windows:

  1. Install WebMatrix:
  2. Install node.js:
  3. Install iisnode for IIS Express (choose x86 even on 64 bit systems): 
  4. Install Steve’s node.js templates for WebMatrix: 
  5. Open WebMatrix, choose “Site from folder”, enter %localappdata%\iisnode\www, start the site, and play with the iisnode samples, or
  6. Use node.js templates to get started quickly with an Express application or a skeleton Hello World

For more information and howtos check out my recent posts and visit

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  1. So I noticed you are packaging up an msi for node.exe recently. Have you thought about using the chocolatey package instead (

    cinst nodejs

    It "installs" to a different directory, but it puts that directory on the path.

    The chocolatey "installer" for nodejs -

    It could use your MSI instead. To do that would make the install require administrative rights though - it's a tradeoff.

    Hit me up on twitter - ferventcoder (or at gmail if you don't have twitter) if you want to discuss further. :D

  2. Thank you soooo much for all of this! I've been banging my head on my desk trying to get Node to work on my computer. Will follow it closely.


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