The edge.js project allows running .NET and node.js code in-process. With the [email protected] release,  you can now embed C# code in directly in the node.js application, without the hassle of projects, compilation, and DLLs. Edge.js will compile the C# code automatically in-memory before running it.

Note: the edge.js project was previously called “owin”. If you know it by that name, this explains why it was renamed.


Edge.js provides a prescriptive, asynchronous model for calling .NET code from node.js and node.js code from .NET. Edge.js module takes care of marshaling data between V8 and CLR and reconciling the threading models. And with [email protected] you no longer have to deal with C# compilation and CLR DLLs as edge.js compiles C# sources for you on the fly.

Everything you need to get started is covered at Poll requests and feedback are welcome.

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