Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”. During JSConf  ideas are discussed. This also leaves a lot of time for conversations between people.

I had the privilege to speak during JSConf.US 2014 on the topic of in-process interop between Node.js and CLR. However, the true highlight of the event for me was watching other talks and engaging in deeper conversations with fellow attendees and speakers, some of whom I have known in person or via internet before, and some of whom I just met.

Below are selected takeaways from these presentations and conversations, in no particular order.

Sometimes the best way to connect with people is to disconnect from internet [@renrutnnej, @brianloveswords]

A capacitor can be used to stabilize circuit voltage [@digitalman2112]

One can go from knowing nothing about electronics to building a NodeBoat controlled remotely via WiFi from a MacBook or a Pebble in under 6 hours [@rhagigi, @digitalman2112, yours truly]

Immutable memory structures are good for you, and so is ClosureScript [@swannodette]

The best way to optimize GC is to not use it. At least when working with HTML5 canvas [@angelinamagnum]

JavaScript isomorphism is a trade off between the level of code reuse and the number of abstractions that need to be built [@spikebrehm]

You can live-code a JavaScript game using Rx and ES6 in under 30 minutes. It is not certain, however, which of the three enable this: Rx, ES6, or being Bodil Stokke [@bodil]

You can engage in a distributed art project with perfect strangers by shaking your iPhone like a madman [@whichlight]

You cannot engage in a distributed art project with perfect strangers by shaking your Windows Phone like a madman for lack of Web Audio API support [yours truly]

You can transpile ES6 generators and other constructs to ES5 by converting the code to a state machine, and sprinkling it with a healthy dose of pixie dust [@benjamn]

On the note of pixie dust, did I mention you can code a Little Pony JavaScript game using Rx and ES6 in under 30 mins [@bodil]

Spy satellites have elongated orbits to allow them to get close to Earth on every pass [@franksvalli]

Electric motor servos are not watertight [yours truly]

Any mobile internet of things big data set in the cloud can be efficiently sorted with jortSort [@jennschiffer]

I am leaving JSConf.US 2014 with a lot of new ideas in my head and the memory of great conversations with people. Conference, defined.

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