Since joining Auth0 in September 2014, I had a chance to create and evolve Auth0 Webtasks. Webtasks originally provided the foundation for extending the functionality of the multi-tenant Auth0 platform through custom code.

Webtasks are like serverless webhooks: webhooks with a hosting platform included.

Below is a collection of blog posts I have written on the subject.

Webtask Concepts

Extensibility through HTTP with Webtasks
Rethinking backend with Webtasks
Node.js hosting with batteries included
What is Function-as-a-Service?

How-Tos and Use Cases

Accept Stripe Payments without backend using Webtasks
Create Slack signup page with Auth0 Webtasks
Using Webtasks with custom domain names
Serverless MySQL with Auth0 Webtasks

Technology Behind Webtasks

From Kafka to ZeroMQ for real-time log aggregation
Sandboxing code in the era of containers


If you are interested in the Webtask technology and product, you can get in touch through our Webtask Slack channel or head to for more information.


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